Gosco Concrete & Railroad Accessories and Supplies

Precast & Prestress

Gosco has selected these specialized products for companies that are producing precast concrete pieces or pre-stressed concrete products. These items include metal inserts and lifters, plastic inserts and spacers, and many specialty items specific to the precast and pre-stressed industry.


  • Fasteners (Tie Wire)
  • Inserts & Lifters (View Brochure)
  • Miscellaneous

Brochure: GOSCO Concrete Accessories (PDF)


  • Chairs
  • Slab Bolster
  • Wheels

EMI Catalog (PDF)
GTI Bar Support-Products (PDF)


  • Debond
  • Chamfer (Steel, Wood)
  • Rubber (Foam Liner, Water Stop)
  • Twist & Seal (Split)